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GlobalServe makes global IT procurement and lifecycle management efficient, consistent and cost-effective. Technology needs made simple.

Who We Are

We are the premier provider of Global Information Technology, Supply Chain and complete IT Lifecycle Management Services.

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What We Do

We provide multinational companies with a global solution to manage the acquisition, management and support of IT assets from initial acquisition to final disposal.

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Who we serve

We serve a wide range of customers, including Multinational Companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Value Added Resellers and System Integrators.

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Who We Are

GlobalServe has over 13 years of experience delivering end-to-end IT asset lifecycle solutions to multinational organizations.  We offer coverage in 160+ countries, a supply chain of more than 500 OEM certified resellers, a network of 25,000 IT professionals and a patented web-based global solution (OneSource TM).

What We Do

GlobalServe provides multinational companies with a global solution for the procurement, deployment, support and disposal of technology assets in any country, for any currency, around the clock, thereby driving efficiency in the IT procurement and service management process.

The OneSource procurement engine, a multi-OEM system, enables clients to buy and transfer hardware and software assets anywhere in the world, in any currency and at any time.  With a single click in OneSource, a user can order products and/or services from their customized catalog and have them delivered anywhere in the world in accordance with pre-negotiated pricing, defined SLAs and corporate governance.  OneSource allows companies to define and enforce global product standards and catalogs, provides real-time access into procurement transactions and analytics, and helps reduce the total cost of ownership and lifecycle support.

GlobalServe provides a complete portfolio of global IT services to track and manage IT assets throughout their lifecycle, from deployment to disposal.  These services can be engaged based on the client’s specific requirements.

Our global IT services include the following:

  • Network Support Services
  • Break/Fix Maintenance
  • Desk Side Support
  • IMAC Services (Installs, Moves, Additions and Changes)
  • READ (Disposal) Services

Who we serve

GlobalServe’s customers include enterprises, original equipment manufacturers, resellers and system integrators.

Global enterprises such as Multinational Companies (MNCs) have multi-OEM, multi-geography and multi-currency requirements for product sourcing and services.  Historically, enterprises developed and managed their global supply chain internally.  Enterprises often sourced through a single OEM in order to simplify their product supply chain requirements and avoid significant investments in infrastructure and human resources.  However, over the long term, a single OEM solution is detrimental to an organization’s ability to drive competitive pricing and obtain the best equipment and services.  GlobalServe helps enterprises avoid these pitfalls by providing enterprises with a consistent, global, multi-vendor IT acquisition, service and asset management solution.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) are challenged in delivering their products and associated support services globally while retaining their client relationships.  Their core competency is in developing products and partnering with distributors to deliver those products.  Therefore, they are challenged in their ability to centrally manage an OEM supply chain for their enterprise clients.  GlobalServe addresses this significant shortfall in the OEM and global distribution model.  GlobalServe provides OEMs with the ability to manage, and enables their clients to more easily manage, OEM product procurement and service management in a multi-OEM and multi-currency environment.  The result is a central management framework for global procurement across a multitude of OEMs that enables OEMs to retain strong relationships with their clients.  For smaller OEMs, GlobalServe offers an opportunity for them to deliver their products and associated services globally, thereby leveling the playing field.

Local and regional Value Added Resellers (VARs) serve a wide spectrum of clients and therefore must meet diverse client requirements.  Many of those clients have product and service requirements outside of the VAR’s location.  GlobalServe’s global solution allows local and regional VARs to conduct transactions outside of their domestic geographies enabling them to expand their footprint and address their clients’ needs globally.

System Integrators (SIs) are constantly exploring new ways to deliver a broad spectrum of services and products.  GlobalServe assists SIs who are looking for an established contracted supply chain to leverage and a core technology to implement and deliver against client requirements globally.

Over the years, GlobalServe has supported and enabled some of the largest media companies in their global procurement and IT services requirements.  The OneSource offering is ideally structured to streamline the decentralized independent media elements that often constitute the overall corporate structure of large global media conglomerates.

GlobalServe is a central partner for some of the world’s largest telecommunication companies enabling them to extend and support their infrastructures globally and in some of the most challenging geographies.  Our integrated Tier 1 supply chain for telecommunication and networking products is the largest in the world and our “Equipment as a Service” delivery model addresses many of the inventory, title and regulatory requirements for telecommunication services.

With challenging geographies and unique sourcing requirements, the Oil & Gas sector is often one of the hardest segments to service.  Over the years, GlobalServe has developed a reputation of delivering against these challenges with program management, the OneSource technology framework and an integrated supply chain ready to deliver at the pace of our clients.

The GlobalServe offering is closely coupled with the requirements of infrastructure engineering and consulting organizations.  With time-based implementations, unique geographies and environmental considerations, GlobalServe has developed a unique skill set and capability to deliver products and services for our engineering and consulting clients.  Every day GlobalServe services hundreds of sourcing and service transactions for our clients enabling them to deliver to their customers.

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