One Relationship with GlobalServe simplifies your supply chain for the entire world

GlobalServe has 14 years of global IT supply chain experience serving some of the world’s most demanding companies.

GlobalServe OneSource technology brings a high level of automation to every transaction and the management of every asset. When issues arise, our experienced team manages the exceptions to keep your supply chain moving. We proactively expedite orders before they breach their SLA.

Our capability and our commitment to deliver are unmatched.
Better     Faster     Cheaper

  • GlobalServe OneSource Procurement Engine

    Single OEM or multi-OEM Procurement Engine

    Catalog items, bundles or non-catalog items

    Easily Customized Workflows integrate GlobalServe with your operations for maximum efficiency.

    Trade block uplifts and adjustments are automatically processed without user intervention.

    Role Based Functionality and Security

    GlobalServe Catalog Management Team maintains catalogs.

    GlobalServe performs user setup, addresses, user profiles.

    Your GlobalServe supply chain provides efficient in-country execution while assuring maximum discounts and global standards compliance.

    Capture Direct and Hidden Cost Savings

    First, capture all of your global discounts by deploying your global standard equipment through the GlobalServe. Particularly in countries with “indirect” OEM delivery, GlobalServe lets you capture full discount levels that are difficult or impossible through any other procurement method.

    The OneSource Procurement Engine multi-manufacturer portal makes it easy to add new equipment to the catalog, increasing your procurement power to manage vendors.

    Customers report outsource efficiency for the IT procurement function with GlobalServe. Global centralization delivers immediate savings without compromise of service levels.

    There are no hidden markups or charges – all costing is fully transparent to you.

    GlobalServe’s pre-negotiated rates with our 494 Reseller-Service Providers help keep your costs down.

    Precision Delivery

    When the supply boat leaves the dock for this offshore platform, the required IT equipment better be there. The boat doesn’t run every day. The equipment we deliver is critical to operations in this harsh environment.

    A $200+ billion energy company trusts GlobalServe for IT equipment needs for oil and gas exploration. They appreciate the GlobalServe Can Do Attitude that matches their need for reliable Precision Delivery & Support – anywhere in the world. GlobalServe assures that equipment is properly configured according to your global needs, taking into account all local requirements for:


    When exceptions arise, GlobalServe can identify additional sources and cross-ship equipment to preserve the SLA.

  • 494 Reseller-Service Providers At the Ready

    It has taken over a decade to develop and nurture the GlobalServe Network of nearly 500 companies with 25,000 OEM authorized service professionals.

    GlobalServe is the world expert in matching in-country resources with company needs and driving supply chain performance. We continuously score our partner companies, including SLA performance and other factors.

    Our relationships give you the ability to implement back-to-back capability – in any country – with your desired SLAs – all with the single relationship with GlobalServe.

    Your GlobalServe supply chain is flexible, quickly scaleable, highly efficient and the simplest that it can possibly be.

    When there is no address

    Except 26o 15′ 18″ N by 18o 30′ 12″ E* For this deployment, GlobalServe made a Precision Delivery to geographic coordinates because there was no address, not even a road.

    For another client to deliver communications equipment we hired a boat to reach an uninhabited island.

    We support large infrastructure projects in extremely remote locations. We support military bases worldwide, including in conflict zones.

    Our commitment to deliver is unmatched.

    One click or call to GlobalServe gets the job done – with full compliance to your global standards – anywhere.

    * Coordinates slightly modified to protect confidentiality

    Real-Time Reporting for every asset in every location

    Asset Tracking
    Inventory Management

    GlobalServe OneSource reporting gives you web-based access to complete dashboard and transaction information about your IT assets as they move through the supply chain and equipment lifecycle.

    Views by Category, Cost Code, Department, Location

    The more classes of equipment you include in GlobalServe, the more complete your view of the asset pool becomes.

    Data integration with OCS Inventory NG, SpiceWorks and OneSource proprietary data formats is provided.

    Optionally, GlobalServe OneSource can be fully integrated with company ERP systems such as SAP or similar systems.

  • 9 Languages

    Your authorized users can access OneSource functionality from anywhere via web-access. Nine language support is provided throughout the OneSource application. Catalog equipment descriptions are provided in English.

    That means they can easily buy the global standard products – properly configured for their country and location. They can see the cost in local currency or in $US.

    Proactive & SuperResponsive Help Desk is 24x7x365

    GlobalServe has the highest possible commitment to meet or exceed your SLAs. Our OneSource technology keeps your supply chain operating efficiently, but when exceptions or escalations arise, our best-in-world IT procurement skills target your problem in real-time. Many times our systems spot a problem before you do – and we take action to meet your SLA. We always stay with the issue through complete resolution and reporting.