Proactive & Super Responsive Services are
Better Faster Cheaper

GlobalServe provides SLA performance on which your company can rely with confidence.

Your required processes and standards guide all of our actions on your behalf throughout the world

One point of contact and one point of service access together with comprehensive transaction and dashboard reporting

GlobalServe is your single point of accountability that is totally committed to fulfilling your standards and exceeding your expectations

  • IT Skills & Services When and Where You Need Them

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

    OnSite Campus Services

    OnCall Response Services

    Today, in 174 countries GlobalServe can deliver OEM-authorized service for all of the major IT equipment manufacturers

    GlobalServe provides reliable and consistent SLA performance, raises end user satisfaction, while maintaining strict compliance with your established global standards and operational processes.

    Hardware Break/Fix

    Installations, Moves, Adds & Changes


    Data Backup & Recovery

    Smart Hands Support

    Application Program Support

    Staff Augmentation


    GlobalServe can be integrated with your Help Desk or ERP.

    GlobalServe Network of 494 Reseller-Service Providers

    GlobalServe has taken 14 years to develop a network of carefully chosen Reseller- Service Providers in nearly every country in the world – 174 as of today.

    Over 14 years, GlobalServe has sought out the best reseller-service providers for all major manufacturers of computer, network and point of sale equipment country by country throughout the world. We have agreements and working relationships in place that can provide you with back to back service and consistent SLAs for every country in the world – all with one agreement with GlobalServe.

    GlobalServe configures just the supply chain you need to give reliable SLA performance with attractive costs. We also can incorporate additional suppliers if you require.

    All suppliers are OEM- authorized

    GlobalServe monitors SLA performance and other factors for every one of these companies.

    Our strict standards and low cost structures keep your costs down. Just as your procurement team would, we put pressure on our vendors to give the lowest possible cost and full satisfaction of performance SLAs. From time to time we do make adjustments to the supplier base to make it BetterFasterCheaper.

    Comprehensive Global Asset Disposal

    GlobalServe provides turnkey Global Asset Disposal services based on your standards and workflow requirements. GlobalServe manages all logistics.

    We provide Maximum Recoverable Value via:
    Asset Re-Marketing
    Employee Sales
    Charitable Donations

    Comprehensive Environmentally-sensitive Recycling
    GlobalServe understands and complies with global, regional, national and local laws and regulations, including all appropriate certificates for recycling and destruction.

    Data Erasure & Elimination
    Exceeds all DOD, MSA and other Stringent Security Standards

    Chain of Custody Security and Reporting
    ISO 9001/14001 OSHA S18001 WEEE BAN e-StewardUS EPA

    Downstream Liability Indemnification

    Zero Landfill/Zero Waste Export Policy