Global IT Procurement

IT Procurement

One Relationship Streamlines Your
Global Supply Chain

GlobalServe has decades of global IT supply chain experience serving some of the world´s most demanding companies. Our team brings together the people, process, technology, and supply chain expertise to manage your IT infrastructure on a global scale. Our strict standards and low cost structures keep your expenses down. Just as your procurement team would, we negotiate with vendors to ensure the lowest possible cost and full satisfaction of performance SLAs. Discover how GlobalServe connects the world with more affordable, convenient IT procurement.

GlobalServe's Pre-negotiated rates with our
494 Reseller-Service Providers Help Keep
Your costs down

Solve Your Toughest Challenges

Our team of experts offers assessments, analysis, and technology planning and integration to help you simply and seamlessly manage and enable global procurement. Turn to our GlobalServe Solutions experts to help you solve your toughest challenges.
Capture Direct and Hidden Cost Savings
GlobalServe lets you capture full discount levels that are difficult or impossible through any other procurement method. Centralizing your global procurement enables you to achieve greater efficiency and maximum savings, without sacrificing service levels. There are no hidden markups or charges–all costs are fully transparent.
A More Convenient Way to Procure IT
Reduce the friction in your global supply chain–from customs inspections and missing paperwork to local regulatory requirements that can lead to delayed product deliveries. We simplify it all. GlobalServe offers precision delivery, support, and in-country execution anywhere in the world, so your business moves at the speed of innovation, not the speed of shipping containers.
Exceptional Flexibility, Scalability, and Service
GlobalServe has cultivated a network of nearly 500 service providers and 25,000 OEM-authorized service professionals. We´ve spent decades sourcing the best in-country partners–so you don´t have to. The result? Your GlobalServe supply chain is flexible, quickly scalable, and the simplest that it can possibly be.